The Sensible Knave

"I do not see that we are further along today than where Hume left us. The Humean predicament is the human predicament." - W.V.O. Quine

Saturday, November 26, 2005

No Double Standards

Some folks are chagrined by the Venezuelan leader's motives don't matter. If he actually goes through with it, that's great.

For those who may not have known, Citgo is the oil company owned by the Venezuelan "people." If you wish to support a worker's paradise, buy your gas from them. That's what I hear some folks saying, anyway. I would think that making Citgo's ties widely known would only hurt the cause in the long run. For every person that wants to throw money at an ideological train wreck in progress, there are probably several people that don't. As for me, I wouldn't begrudge the collectivists a little healthy competition.